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POP Manual
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PNP Clearance
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Provincial Offices


Regional Logistics Division


  1. To provide logistics support of PRO-1 in order to enhance the accomplishment of the mission as provided by the law.
  2. To provide guidance, direction and control in the implementation of logistics program.
  3. To set efficient and effective management of human and material resources.


  1. To improve the mobility of PRO-1 by programming the acquisition of police vehicles for operating units.
  2. To improve the firepower of PRO-1 thru acquisition of additional firearms particularly short FA’s for issuance to individual PNP members.
  3. To improve operational capability of PRO-1 thru acquisition of additional communication equipments for use of line units.
  4. To improve operational capability of PRO-1 thru the acquisition of additional investigative equipment.
  5. To further reduce the fixed expenditure of PRO-1


  1. To upgrade shoot-move-communicate-investigate capabilities of PRO-1
  2. To improve general support in terms of POL, AMMO, PIE/QM items and other basic operational requirements of PPO’s, PMG’s and C/MPS.
  3. To expedite repair and maintenance of existing facilities and superintend fixed expenditures resources.
  4. To undertake repair and maintenance and procurement of spare parts of vehicle, watercraft, communication and computer equipment.

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